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Periodicals and Blogs

Below we include journals we know of that were born for the internet, that deal with Caribbean digital scholarship, or both. To accompany them, we include the blogs that contribute original scholarly content or serve as serious and consistent review of cultural phenomena of the Caribbean.

The boundary objects of this category include those web logs that serve to aggregate content, to repost. Lisa Paravisini’s and Ivette Romero-Cesareo’s Repeating Islands, for example, lies in the same continuum as Jessica Marie Johnson’s #ADPhD. Are they bibliographies? Should they be considered “Reference Works,” or maybe “Collections & Curations” in their own right? We include them here in this category in the spirit of cultural reviews, but also as prompts for us to continue to think together about the genres being born and transformed as we speak.

Included in this list is Arc, the beloved art magazine that is no longer active, and yet still present in its run online. This inclusion should serve as a reminder that many of the projects and labors you see here in this directory have become more archive than platform.