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Our first data set was compiled during one of the out-of-synch events that defined The Caribbean Digital VII conference. We shared a “Data Sheet” on Google Sheets with our colleagues on social media and on our site. Soon after many joined us adding their own projects or the projects they knew about.

In 2021, we received more entries. Since we know most—if not all—of the contributors to the sheet, perhaps it’s more appropriate to call our method of data-gathering leaguesourcing.Akin to a census, this directory therefore is a snapshot of our record up to the end of 2021.

We are certainly not the first to compile a similar list. Here are some other useful attempts, that in turn served as sources for CariDiScho:

Reuse the Data

After the spreadsheet was more or less in good condition it was ported to Wax. Wax is inspired by FAIR data principles, and as such strives to make its collections findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. One of its neat features, is that it allows you to share the data quite easily. You can access our data on our open repository on GitHub.