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A Cabinet of Wonders

By now, we hope that you have had a chance to question the genres we used to organize the entries in our directory. We hope you noticed too that we were careful to listen to how creators describe or define their projects—the results speak of a library of Babylon. One thing is clear: the question of genre remains open. Even as the dust settles on some trends, we could readily trace lines that would blur a map with a library, or a blog with a bibliography. The machines remain agnostic as they arrange and re-arrange bits and bytes into buckets of our own creation.

No wonder then that we end up with constructs that defy easy classification. A Digital Humanties center like Create Caribbean, for example, is undenyably a part of anything we could call Caribbean Digital Scholarship. And yet, it is not per se an artifact. What about a grant proposal? Or an event? Below you will find these incidences, along with greatly admired conscious attempts at genre-bending, and flat out genre-bursting. In unison, they sing of futures we can glimpse at in our very own cabinet of prophetic wonders, our own pantheon of mystères.

In no particular order…