Thursday, December 7, 2023


1:15PM–1:30PM | Welcome

Welcome remarks by organizer Kaiama L. Glover (Yale University), and a moment of reflection and remembrance for Halcyon Lawrence by organizer Kelly Baker Josephs (University of Miami).*

1:30PM–2:30PM | Opening Showcase

Moderator, Tzarina Prater (Bentley University)

Tania M. Ríos Marrero (Digital Library of the Caribbean, University of Florida), “The Revitalizing dLOC Initiative (2022-2026)”

Mirerza González Vélez and Mila Aponte-González (University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedra), “Acervos Documentales de Puerto Rico y el Caribe”

Waleska Solorzano (Cornell University), "The Venesporan Artists Project (VAP)"

Valeria Acevedo Argüelles and Pat Santalices Torres (University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedra), "Las caras lindas de Santurce"

2:30PM–2:45PM | Break

2:45PM–3:45PM | Panel A: Archives

Moderator: Gabrielle Mary Jean-Louis (University of Miami)

Rebecca Roach (University of Birmingham), "Brathwaite’s Creole Computing"

Margaret Brehony (Concordia University), “Cuba Ireland Digital Archive: Re-collect, Visualise and Re-contextualise”

Ocean V. Arboniés Flores (University of Illinois), "The Forgotten ‘Digital Familia de Puerto Rico’: Towards an Archival Recovery of Conveniently Absent Histories of Digital Technology in the Caribbean"

3:45PM–4:00PM | Break

4:00PM–5:30PM | Keynote Dialogue | Challenges in Caribbean DH

Moderator, Kaiama L. Glover (Yale University)

Natasha J. Lightfoot (Columbia University)

Nicole Aljoe (Northeastern University)

5:30PM–7:00PM | Opening Reception

Ruben Cabenda, Artist in Residence presentation

Friday, December 8, 2023


9:00AM–9:15AM | Coffee

9:15AM–9:30AM | Opening Remarks

Opening remarks by organizer Alex Gil (Yale University).

9:30AM–11:00AM | Panel B: Collaboration

Moderator, Laurent Dubois (University of Virginia)

Taller Entre Aguas’ Registro Project Team, “Taller Entre Aguas: Theory and Praxis in the Digital Revisitation of the 1872 Registro de Esclavos of Puerto Rico,” Daniel Morales-Armstrong (University of Pennsylvania), Essah Diaz (University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras), Gabriel J. Rivera Cotto (Yale University), and Jessica Marie Johnson (John Hopkins University)

Early Caribbean Digital Archive Project Team, “A Point of Entry: Re-presenting Enslaved Lives in the Early Caribbean Digital Archive,” Nicole Aljoe, Elizabeth Dillon, Reba Dickson, Carolina Larracilla, Hannah Kim (Northeastern University), Savita Maharaj (Brandeis University), and Darlene Uzoigwe (Harvard University)

11:00AM–11:15AM | Break

11:15AM–12:45PM | Panel C: Theory

Moderator, Marlene Daut (Yale University)

Rachel M. Kirk (Louisiana State University), “Sybil Kein, Climate Coloniality, and the Preservation of Louisiana Creole Culture in the Digital"

Jeannine Murray-Román (Florida State University), “Making Counter-plantation in Rosaura Rodríguez's Instagram stories”

Michael Soriano (University of Miami), “Digital Poetics: Toward a Glissantian Theory of Digital Design”

Samantha Stephens (University of Virginia), “Rebellious Black Feminist Technologies”

12:45PM–1:45PM | Lunch

1:45PM–3:15PM | Panel D: Pedagogy

Moderator, Schuyler Esprit (Create Caribbean)

Malisa Richards (Dominica State College), "Instructional Design Strategies for Integrating Virtual Reality Technology in the Computer Networking Curricula: Best Practices to Improve Student Learning Outcomes"

Matthew J. Smith, Matthew Stallard, and Jess Hannah (Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery, University College London), “New World Royalists”

Mila Aponte-González (University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedra), “¿Cómo le meto mano a esto?: Teaching Minimal Processing of Cultural Heritage Collections in Puerto Rico through a Digital Humanities (Co)Laboratory”

Juan Carlos Rodríguez (Georgia Institute of Technology), "Using the Vieques Struggle: A Digital video Archive as Research, Teaching, and Documentary Platform"

3:15PM–3:30PM | Break

3:30PM–5:00PM | Panel E: Practice

Moderator, Vincent Brown (Harvard University)

Kaillee Coleman (Tulane University), "When I Am Not Here, Estoy Allá: Visualizing Expansive Space-Time in Caribbean Diasporic Memory"

Yveline Alexis (Oberlin College), “Haiti versus US Empire”

Audra A. Diptée (Carleton University), "Operation Legacy in the Caribbean: A Digital Archive"

Burton Sankeralli (St Andrew's Theological College, Trinidad) and N. Fadeke Castor (Northeastern University), “Trinidad Orisha Shrine Mapping Project”

5:00PM–5:15PM | Break

5:15PM–5:35PM | Special: Artist/Scholar Conversation

Alicia Doyen-Rodríguez (University of Massachusetts, Boston), "Empreintes d'art dans la ville (Art footprints in the city): digital collaboration with Guy Gabon"

5:45PM–6:30PM | Microgrant Showcase

Moderator, Alex Gil (Yale University)

Maria Paula Corredor and Ernesto Bassi (Cornell University), “Atlantic Seascapes”

Elise Mitchell (Princeton University), “Smallpox and Slavery in the Modern Atlantic World”

Nicte Fuller Medina (Swarthmore College) and Kevin Montero (Belize Archives and Records Service), “Belize Archives Digital Archive”

Sarah Bruno (Michigan State University), and Rosa Emilia Cordero Cruz (Rutgers University), “The Criadas Project: Archival Silhouettes”

Anaridia Molina (University of Michigan), "Digitizing the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars’ Archive"

6:30PM–7:00PM | Microgrant Announcement & Closing Remarks

Alex Gil and Andreína Soto present this year’s recipients of the Caribbean Digital Scholarship Collective Microgrants program. Sending us off to celebrate time well-spent, organizer Kelly Baker Josephs closes the conference with her remarks.

7:00PM–8:30PM | Closing Reception

* Participant short bios can be accessed on our biographies page.